Wet Season Caretaker

By now you would be aware that Lorella Springs Wilderness Park operates between the months of April and September included. This means that for 6 months of the year, Lorella is shut to the public while the rain takes over and the property can become cut off from the outside world.

But that does not mean that Lorella is left by itself for that period of time. For the first three months after we close the doors, we keep Lorella to ourselves and work on various projects including a focus on our cattle operations. Then, once the rain kicks in, we pack up and leave the place and usually find ourselves moving back to civilisation! For the last few years, we’ve been lucky to have some wonderful Wet Season Caretakers looking after the place during our absence.

In all honesty this position will not suit all. But for the right candidate/s, this will be a once in a life time opportunity. Lorella Springs will be hot, very wet, and at this point in the year would possibly be up there as one of the most remote places on earth. The person or persons interested must be capable of spending long periods of time on their own and in isolation and would be able to handle extreme remoteness and being cut from the rest of the world for up to 4 months straight.

It is essential that the person/s will have a very mechanical knowledge with the resourcefulness to be able to fix things and keep operations flowing until the dry.

Also ideally, we are looking for a mature, independent and self-motivated man or couple to look after Lorella for the whole of the Wet season – preferably candidates that have been to Lorella in the past, or will be spending some time there during this Dry, in order to get to know the place and the owners.

The main objective is to maintain and keep a general eye over the main camp ground. Some of the duties that would be required is keeping the campground slashed and mowed, keep the machinery working, repairs and maintenance to fences and buildings and be available in the office to take enquiries over the station phone, as well as liaise with management.

This may suit a couple solid in their relationship as it may be put to the test!

Through the wet season Lorella is very basic and RAW, running completely on solar and a small 2kva generator when there is no sun. Accommodation is very basic and may well be better suited to someone with their own van or accommodation. Included is phone and Internet access, basic electricity, television, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and laundry facilities.

Should you be interested and willing to hear more about our Wet Season Caretaker position, please email [email protected]