July 2018

July 14th, 2018

Hi Everyone.

Well, Lorella is now well into the 2018 season and already Lorella has had many happy visitors.
So, if a lot of this news is already known to you please bear with me and don't forget to post your photos and YouTube memories.
Of course, the big news of the last couple of months is Marie and Rhett's
Lorella Wedding.
Family and friends came from all over Australia and the World for the
Big Event and share Lorella's 1 million pristine acres.
I think that everyone would call the wedding absolutely spectacular.
On Lorella, all the time there are more and more locations being
discovered and opened up. So, if you haven't been to Lorella for a while,
please come again ... only this time stay much, much longer.
You won't see all of everything on Lorella's 1 million acres in a few
days ... or even a few years. That is why so many people come back and
back again and again.
If you have never been to Lorella, please let me give you a few things
to get you inspired.
If you have been before, I am sure you will love these memories.
1,000,000 acres, coastal frontage, unspoilt, family owned and family run.
Camping, Caravanning, Fishing, Boating, Bar, Meals, Accommodation, 1,000
km of 4x4 Adventure Tracks, Birds, Swimming, Thermal Springs, Wildlife,
Secluded Naturist Area, Stunning Photography, Helicopter and much, much
Lorella Springs Wilderness Park is a one million acre (400 square
kilometres) privately run, station in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern
We are located off the Savannah Way, approximately 450 kilometres south
east of Mataranka and 180 kilometres north east of Borroloola. The
property is also accessible by light aircraft on our private airstrip,
and helicopter.
There are almost 1000 kilometres of 4WD tracks which lead through
beautiful escarpment country to waterfalls, out on to the beaches and
salt flats, past estuaries, rivers, creeks, billabongs and to many
beautiful and safe crystal clear swimming spots.
Our accommodation which sleeps over 50 people ranges from fully
air-conditioned and well-appointed cabins, through to en-suited deluxe
rooms and standard rooms. We also have a one square kilometre island
campground adjacent to the homestead providing amenities and unpowered
sites, as well as unlimited camping on the rest of the property.
Our homestead area includes a restaurant and catering facility as well
as a fully licenced bar, surrounded by a 200-square metre deck with a
seating capacity of over 100 guests.
The crocodile pond is a popular attraction for diners and guests,
especially around feeding time during “Happy Hour”.
Our “Magical Hot Springs” is within metres of the homestead and offers a
natural heated pool that is enjoyed throughout the tourist season.
Helicopter flights offer tours ranging from ten minutes over local
gorges and swimming holes, to longer flights over the spectacular Lost
City, waterfalls and through canyons, and coastal adventure and Heli-fishing tours.
The access road into the homestead is improving every year with many
conventional caravans now coming in. (We do always recommend taking it
easy, as it is a bush road and some bits can be a bit rough in places.
Please call ahead to get latest info if unsure. 08 8975 9917)
Lorella can be as easy or as hard as you may want. If you want exciting 4x4 action, there is plenty of that for those who like that.
The All 4 Adventure boys seem to get into all sorts of trouble ... every
time they come. Lorella is one of their favourite adventure destinations.
If you want seclusion ... Yes, you can get as far away from people as
you want. However if you want the security of a tagalong with others at
Lorella you can find that too.
So that I don't clog up this email with lots of wonderful photos that
our guests give us, I will just refer you to links so you can see for
Please go to our Facebook page Have a browse through
that ... and when you have finished ... have a look at the Lorella
website. .
There is so much info there to help you, especially on the FAQs page:  . It will tell you just about
anything you may want to know.
Please remember that Lorella is not just an overnight camping area. If
that is all you need there are lots of free campsites along the Savannah
Lorella is a destination in itself and probably the most remote and
pristine place that provides you with 1 million acres, with 1,000km of
tracks, hundreds of kilometres of rivers and creeks, as well as miles of
untouched beachfront with direct access to the little explored Gulf of
Carpentaria. The fishing and wild life has hardly been touched by man.
With so many remote and diverse landscapes, it is no wonder that Lorella
has so many varieties of wild birds.
From the unexplored and wild gulf coastline, hundreds of kilometres of
fresh water creeks estuaries and rivers, thick scrub, open savannah,
swamps, billabongs and lagoons through to the more rocky mountainous
country with remote escarpment and hidden springs abundant with life
where possibly no white man has ever set foot.
Now with over 180 species being identified, with more every year.
Better round up all your club and friends for the Adventure of a Lifetime.
Don't miss out. Hope to see you at LORELLA SPRINGS WILDERNESS PARK.
Regards, Pete.
(If you want to FaceBook "Friend" me, I am "Peter Lorella" on FaceBook.)
And YES, Lorella is great for kids of all ages and dogs are welcome.
(Please share this email to help us get the word out.)
If you are enjoying these videos, please go to Youtube and search
"Lorella Springs". There are hundreds there from our wonderful, happy

February 2018

February 14th, 2018

Hi Everyone.
Thinking of your adventure for this year?
The family owned and family run, 1,000,000 acres, coastal frontage, LORELLA SPRINGS WILDERNESS PARK, will be open for the Easter break. (Subject of course to weather.)
We have had a wonderful wet which cleaned out the water holes and has left the waterfalls flowing and hundreds of Km of rivers and creeks running and full of fish.
The first Barra of the season has already been caught.
1,000,000 acres, coastal frontage, unspoilt, family owned and family run.
Camping, Caravanning, Fishing, Boating, Bar, Meals, Accommodation, 1,000 km of 4x4 Adventure Tracks, Birds, Swimming, Thermal Springs, Wildlife, Stunning Photography, Helicopter and much, much more.
Just to get you inspired, here are the "All 4 Adventure" boys back at Lorella again .... one of their favourite places in Australia.
This was recently shown on channel 10 and is the "All 4 Adventure"
season 9, episode 10.  
In this episode, Jase and Simon return to Lorella for another action-packed series.
So, Easter should be fantastic ... but please ring ahead if the weather doubtful. 08 8975 9917.
Better round up all your club and friends for the Adventure of a Lifetime.
Don't miss out. Hope to see you at LORELLA SPRINGS WILDERNESS PARK.
Regards, Pete.
And YES, Lorella is great for kids of all ages and dogs are welcome.
(Please share this to help us get the word out.)

Access Road Petition Update!

July 8th, 2016

Hello Everyone!

We have some exciting news about our Petition. The voice of many has helped us reach the NT Government! Our call for the petition has been heard and we have received a letter from the Government about money being allocated to improve the Access Road. Thank you everyone for signing and spreading the word. We couldn’t have done it without your love and support for Lorella Springs!

An amount has been allocated in 2016-17 under the Roads to Recovery Program for repairs to the Lorella Springs property access road. Works will include a contract to grade, water and roll, to reinstate the running surface and selected gravel re-sheeting of various areas. It is anticipated that these works will be completed in the 2016 dry season.” – Quote from Government

Please continue signing the petition till the end of dry season as receiving the letter is one thing but actual work being done would be another. FOLLOW THE LINK HERE:
Thank you again for your support! We greatly appreciate and wish to have you next year, with a road that will make you smile and not frown. 🙂

Happy Birthday Rhett!

June 21st, 2016

Happy Brithday Rhett! We celebrated Rhett’s birthday this weekend. Just a step closer to the big 5-0
Had a lovely day with wonderful volunteers and Bus Group of Outback Spirit Tours


No WiFi

June 20th, 2016


Unfortunately our satellite internet has been giving us trouble since we have opened. We have been waiting on our internet provider to fix and increase our bandwidth but haven’t heard much . Hence, we sadly cannot provide internet to our guests. But please do not be deter- you will be close to nature and that’s the best connection to have 🙂


Limited Ice Available

June 16th, 2016

Unfortunately, our ice machine has stopped working so there is limited ice available. We have ice blocks but they are limited and take time to freeze up. So Please make sure you bring your ice if possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.


No Fuel till May 1st 2016

April 30th, 2016


Unfortunately, for the next five days we will not have fuel for sale. Please make sure you fill up if you are heading this way.

Sorry for the inconvenience that it might cause. See you soon!

Anzac Day 2016

April 25th, 2016

Dawn Service conducted at Lorella Springs to remember the past.
ANZAC Day is simply a time for Australians to remember the anguish of war, build bridges with past enemies, and praise the character of soldiers who did it tough, but showed great character in the face of adversity.‪#‎ANZACDay‬

Sunrise from Top of an Escarpment Near the Homestead

Meditation at Lorella!

April 22nd, 2016

Good Day!

We had our first ever Thai Meditation Group!

The group was on a journey from Cairns to Broome and had decided to stop at our Park while on transit. They ended up staying three nights with us! They found our remoteness and closeness to nature very peaceful and rejuvenating.

They traveled to Teardrop Fall, Water Slide and Hidden Pools with their tour guides and set up meditation camps.  They also enjoyed our hiking walks around the campground of Bower Bird and Sunset Walk. They left with great memories and smiles on their faces.
Lorella offers a superb tourism escape experience in an outstanding natural environment – a dream retreat with a magical atmosphere of solitude and serenity. Lorella is indeed a place for everyone. 🙂

meditation group

Another Adventure Pack Season ’16

April 18th, 2016

Hi everyone,
Another year has begun – and this one is going to be THE ONE!!
Less than a week since we reopened the station, and already we’ve kept busy, not wasting a single minute to have the park ready enough to make sure that our first guests of the season enjoy this year’s early Easter Weekend – and they did! Just look at this lovely feedback in our Visitor Book 2016 🙂


So the Wet Season did not break any record, but it was much better than last year and the place is looking absolutely lovely – green grass everywhere and water flowing nicely in all our swimming holes and waterfalls.


Already we have reopened quite a few of the hundreds of kilometres of tracks across the property – including to Teardrop Waterfall, Hidden Pools and all the swimming holes around the Crocodile Spring Loop.


On Easter Sunday we attempted to break a record and make it to the coast for the earliest reopening we have ever had. We hit the Wuraliwuntya River but got bogged with all our guests only 4 Km’s short from the beach!! We’ll give it another attempt in a few days allowing for the ground to dry before we give it another go.


Reopening tracks is always an adventure after the Wet, and so as usual we’ve already had our fair share of flat tyres and other mechanical hiccups!


The good news is, once you make it back to the homestead after a good dose of adventuring on Lorella, there’s always happy friendly hosts to welcome you back, and a very relaxing campground with our super popular Magical Springs to remove those aching parts of your body you did not even suspect you had 😉


Our campground has never been bigger, with more space to camp and caravan on. Our team is also already working on extending our bathroom facilities.

Our Nudist camp has now moved to a more secluded and private area at one end of the campground, with its own private swimming hole.

As far as fishing is concerned, our Lorella Barramundi, Queenies and Trevallies have been a bit shy, but a few guests got lucky with Lorella Barramundi.


The season is short at Lorella, with only 7 months of dry season before the rain moves in, so make sure you stop by on your travels to/ through the Top End before October!

If you are joining us at Lorella in the next few weeks, here’s an update on what’s waiting for you here:

  • Access to Lorella is now open along the Savannah Way from every direction, and all the creek crossings are fairly easy to go through with no water higher than tyre level.
  • We are continually working very hard and re-opening many of our hundreds of kilometres of tracks available on Lorella. Although a lot is open, there are still many wet areas and it is advisable to get more information from our office before heading to that country.

For those of you who want to enjoy the remote wilderness without it becoming an endurance test, we have increased our options of accommodation, with brand new en-suite Deluxe Rooms to be ready by early May. Contact us for more details and to pre-book.


For those of you who would like to get a Bird’s Eye View of Lorella, why not try one of our scenic helicopter flights?

Nick is back for his third season at Lorella, with his services being such a success that Nick received a Super Deed Award from guests reporting on their amazing experience to Tourism Top End. Scenic flights start from only $150 per person and cover some of the most diverse country Lorella has to offer, including breathtaking views of the famous Lost City and nearby Valley of the Mazes, as well as tremendous waterfalls, spectacular gorges and amazing rock formations. Not to mention our nearly 30 km of coastline, many kilometres of rivers and estuaries.

In addition to your flight, upsize your deal with a bush landing at some exclusive waterholes and escarpments.


From all at Lorella, thank you for your support, travel safely on the roads and we look forward to seeing you here again soon!

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