Below is a selection of stories from those who have lived on or visited Lorella:

Have you ever felt the vastness of the Universe? The solitude of timelessness. You’re own aloneness as you gaze inwardly into a silent void of nothingness, knowing you are standing upon the rim of the world. You sense that you are a part of all that there is as you stare across the void into eternity, and you know that you are a part of it all.

Here I am, standing on the very rim of the World. Well that’s what it seems like. You climb to the top of the ridge, the wind is blowing through your hair and the sun is warming your senses. You find a rock and sit there enjoying the aloneness and the view. Before you know it the wind is carrying the distant bellowing of a lonely bull and the chattering of birds as they tell you, you have invaded their privacy. A rustle, and there unaware of your presence is a rock wallaby, delicately sniffing the air with its inquisitive nose, whilst clasping in its human like paws, a twig. It senses it’s not alone, and then accusingly fixes soulful eyes upon you, as it tries to decide whether to leave or to stay. Perhaps it’s you on the ridge. It could be you. Someone is laughing in the spring, you can hear their exuberance as it’s carried upon the wind. Life is going on in the valley below you, yet you are untouched by it all as you sit enjoying your peaceful at-oneness with it all.

The wind is your messenger, it tells you what’s going on below. You can see movement at the homestead and hear a distant humming sound. Something is coming. In the distance a cloud of dust is spreading out along the track following the vehicle as it bowls along towards the fold in the ranges that surround the homestead. These ranges can only be appreciated when you are high up or in a plane for then you can see what they are. No wonder you feel that you are standing upon the rim of the World. How can you not be overwhelmed by the fact that you are standing upon the rim of a once giant volcanic crater and the valley and homestead is inside of it.

This is a magic place, you can feel how special and unique it is as its magnetic charisma weaves within your senses. This magical flow sort of creeps up on you and the spirit of the land lays claim to your heart. A land changing over eons of time and will keep on changing forever. How else can I tell you about Lorella Springs, our home, and our love.