If you have your own aircraft, feel free to use our airstrip, which is located only a short distance from the homestead campground. We can arrange for our team to pick you up from the airstrip. Please make sure you contact us in advance. See the “Airstrip” section further below for more details or visit our dedicated page for details about FLYING TO LORELLA.

When flying to the Northern Territory you can hire a 4WD car from Darwin and make your way down to Lorella

Our airstrip is a 1200 metre long runway, located 200 metres North-West of the Lorella Springs Homestead. This airstrip is usable, however, not certified.

fly to Lorella
NAME OF AIRFIELDLorella Springs Homestead Airstrip
Latitude/Longitude:15˚ 41’43.48”S 135˚ 39’02.96”E
Position in relation to town , radio navigation aid or other easily recognizable feature:200m North-West of the Lorella Homestead Campground
How are the edges of the runway marked? nothing at the moment. Please contact homestead prior to arrival
Direction of runway: North
Length of smooth surface: 1100 metres runway
Width of smooth surface:20 metres
Nature of surface: Gravel
How affected by rain: Unusable with excessive rain
Whereabouts of any rough or boggy patches:N/A
Level, or is there a gradient? Level
Altitude: Slightly above sea level
Animals on strip: There can be. Wise to run down first and check.
Obstructions (wires, trees, hills) close in on approach paths: Escarpment in distance each end and trees outside of clearway
If necessary, how can the airfield be differentiated from others nearby:Present airstrip 200m from homestead.
Avgas availability:Ring to check availability
Phone near the strip (e.g. to cancel Search & Rescue Watch)?No. Only at homestead 200m away
Do Telstra Next-G mobile phones work on the ground?No
Owner or manager’s name: Rhett Walker
Contactable to verify serviceability etc? Yes
Phone number: (Station Homestead):08 89 759 917
Instructions for ground transport coming out from town to find the strip:Check map