So you want to do some fishing in Australia’s Outback N.T.? You have come to the right place!!

With a spectacular and vast coastline, kilometres of rivers and creeks, Lorella Springs offers a huge range of fishing opportunities – from the Pandanus lined fresh water billabongs through to the Gulf and its tropical offshore reefs, estuaries and creeks, mangroves and rock outcrops, which attract a vast range of reef fish, game fish, crabbing, prawn and red claw.

There are several fishing spots close to the springs and general camping area.

The campground at the homestead is situated on a beautiful natural hot water spring, just perfect for relaxing in. Travellers with caravans or trailers may choose to unhitch here before making their way to the Rosie fishing camp and boat ramp, then down the river by boat to the open sea.

Travelling from the homestead, you will require a well prepared 4 Wheel Drive. If towing a trailer or off road camper or van, it is suggested to take it easy on the tracks to the fishing camps. Allow between 2 to 4 hours to either the Rosie fishing camp or to the Secret Fishing Spot on our northern river. Both destinations are about 80 km from the camp ground at the homestead.

Roof toppers and shallow draft boats under 4.75 meters would be more suited, due to the shallow waters, many rock bar as well as sand flats that make up our rivers, creeks and coastline.

Following the Rosie Track you will eventually travel through to the banks of the Rosie. The track runs along the edge of the river for about 6 kilometres. This is a beautiful drive and you can stop, fish or camp anywhere along the way.

Common fish you would likely catch across the property are: fresh and saltwater Barramundi, Mangrove Jacks, Salmon, Queen-fish, GT’s, Trevally, Barracuda, and most of the fish caught in the Top End of Australia.

Suggested fishing tackle would include poppers, soft plastics, bombers or anything silver for the Queenies.

Take ONLY WHAT YOU CAN EAT while on the property. ENVIRONMENTAL “CATCH AND RELEASE” MUST BE STRICTLY ADHERED to in order to keep this unspoilt sanctuary in its pristine state.

Help us keep this place unique and unspoilt for others to enjoy – take your rubbish with you and back to the homestead when leaving the remote campgrounds.

BE CROC AWARE! There are many saltwater crocodiles at Lorella. Do not clean fish on banks of boat ramps. Do not swim in waters you are unsure of.

There may not be suitable drinking water available on the track to the fishing camps, so please make sure you take plenty of drinking water with you (you can fill up from any water points at the homestead) and travel with enough food as well as safety gear, spare prop and pin and basic medical supplies.

Your safety is very important to us. As with all stays at Lorella, please ensure you complete our Sign Out form in the office before you begin your adventure from the homestead, so that we know who and where to look for should you not have returned to the homestead 24 hours after your estimated return date. Don’t forget to sign back in when you do come back from each trip!

Watch for the rock bars and sand flats at low tide. Tide timings are available from the homestead. Watch out for the tides!


If you have a small boat there will be no shortage of places to slide your tinny down the bank and into the water. There is a launching area on the Rosie River about 13 kilometres from the mouth of the river. Watch out for the nasty rock bars along the Rosie River!

Along the Wuraliwuntya (Secret Fishing Spot) there is a natural landing where you can launch your boat. You can also launch on the beach at the mouth of the river.

ROSIE RIVER FISHING CAMP – For the serious adventurer!

Nearly 20 years ago my family pushed the Rosie Track through to the beautiful, unfished and pristine Rosie Creek and up until recently it has always been our most popular (and successful!) fishing spot. The Rosie Fishing Camp and boat ramp is located about thirteen kilometres upstream from the mouth where the Rosie meets the sea.

The spectacular River Rosie is boiling with life offering a huge range of fishing from the spectacular Pandanus lined fresh water billabongs right through to the Gulf of Carpentaria’s tropical offshore reefs and rock outcrops that attract a vast range of reef and game fish.

SECRET FISHING SPOT (WURALIWUNTYA) – For the explorer fisherman!

After owning Lorella for nearly thirty years, we have, at last, forged a track to probably the most remote piece of coastline in Australia.

Up until recently we had only been there once in a helicopter, and a few brave souls half carried their small boats down the crocodile infested Wuraliwuntya creek to its mouth at the coast, on the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Now when we say “creek” you might envisage a water course just a meter or two wide, but by the time you get to the coast, it is over 200 meters wide and an anchorage for quite large vessels, and beautiful sandy beaches.

The track splits from the Rosie Track and heads north where it will eventually join and run along a river. This area is untouched and Mangrove Jack heaven!

Travelling along the river you will find some beautiful camp spots, places to slide your boat in and eventually make your way out to the mouth of the river and its pristine coastline and beautiful sandy beaches. There are sections of this river and the Gulf that on a low tide will require difficulty in navigating due the shallow water and exposed rock bars and sand flats.

Freshwater fishing is popular at Lorella and there is a huge choice of fishing opportunities within the hundreds of kilometres of creeks and freshwater ways. Snapping Handbag, Drum flat, Eagles Nest, Spot x are just a few to mention. Some of the fish you are likely to catch in the fresh water include Barra, Mangrove Jack, Black Brim, ox eye hearing, perch as well as Redclaw and Cherabin.