You will find Lorella Springs Station 29 kilometres north of the Savannah Way, between Borroloola and Roper Bar in the Northern Territory.

Lorella Springs is:

135 km from Cape Crawford

180 km from Borroloola

275 km from Roper Bar

Access to Lorella’s homestead and station is getting easier every year, thanks to continued upgrades and improvements to the Government maintained gravel/ earth road which links the Savannah Way to the Lorella homestead. Having said that, road conditions will always vary depending on which time of year travelled, for example after the wet and for the first few weeks that we are open (early April) you should definitely expect some mud and water crossings.

Although the road is classed as 4WD drive, when taking it slowly and with care most vehicles and caravans should have no problem being able to travel through. A phone call to the Station for a road update is always a good idea (08 8975 9917).

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