Camping At The Homestead

Caravans_at_Launching_RampIf just camping and getting off the beaten track is all that you are after then the Lorella Springs Wilderness Park is just the thing for you. The homestead camping area is usually accessible in the dry season by conventional bush-prepared vehicles and caravans.

The Homestead is situated on the Lorella Thermal Spring. There are many things to see and do around the homestead vicinity, or just relax in the wonderful, “healing Magical Spring”. There is plenty of good fresh water fishing within close proximity to the Homestead. Our Launching Area on the Rosie River is approximately 85 Kilometre from the Homestead Camping Grounds. Camping and fishing are excellent right near the launch ramp or from the river banks. But remember our Catch & Release policy (only keep what you will eat that night), and no traps, no nets, in any fresh water on Lorella!

Although we advise people that the track is rough, by taking it easy, visitors have driven larger boats and caravans right to the launch site.

There is NO NEED TO BOOK FOR CAMPING OR CARAVANS, we have plenty of room for everyone!

There is a one square kilometre campground at the homestead, but you are also allowed to camp anywhere on the property (bush camping), so long as you are self-sufficient as there are no facilities outside of the homestead campground. So just turn up when you are ready and we will give you a full run down on everything on arrival.

The following is our 2022 camping & day rate prices.

Main Camp Ground

With a property so big that you could fit 5 times the city of New York, you can only imagine how extensive our campground is.

With bathroom facilities including flushing toilets and hot showers, shady trees and good drinking water in the taps throughout the campground, you will feel just like at home on our campground!

There is no need to book your camping or caravan space at Lorella. Just drive in, stop by the office for registration and to receive some information about what’s been happening at Lorella and the latest must do’s for your stay, then head across the creek and find your perfect spot. Once you’re all set up, why not have a taste of our Magical Springs before heading to the bar and enjoying the company of our friendly hosts at happy hour (5:00pm – 6:00 pm).

We suggest spending a night or two in the main campground to get a feel of this majestic land during small day trips, before becoming more adventurous and enjoying some remote camping.

Note: please note that these photos are from Lorella after the wet season – from July onwards, the campground will look much drier as we made the decision not to waste water trying to water a whole square kilometre of campground.

Remote Camping

Over the years, as we have been opening new tracks and beautiful destinations for you to discover and explore, we’ve tried to clear some areas for our guests to be able to enjoy their day fully and camp at those amazing locations that we have across the property. This is remote camping and very basic with just a cleared area but no bathroom facilities.

In addition you are allowed to camp almost anywhere on the property. All we ask is that you take care not to leave any rubbish behind, that you are extremely careful with fire, and that you do not camp too close to rivers due to salt water crocodiles, or too close to the water on the beach (because of sharks and crocodiles). And remember, NO HUNTING!

And just as important, please make sure you have completed our Sign Out form before leaving the homestead so that we know who is going where and coming back when.

Although we advise people that the track is rough, by taking it easy, visitors have driven larger boats and caravans right to the launch site.