There are many walking tracks at Lorella Springs

As Lorella is so remote and so large, with over 4,000 square kilometres of wildernes, most of the destinations accessible to the public to date I have originally discovered during a walk. Then with the help of my family and helpers like yourselves, at a later stage, we have managed to get access with a track.

With maps and directions, there are many walks to hike starting basic with easy access close to the homestead campground with basic fitness levels, through to some more advanced half-day and full day walks which will require fitness and a knowledge of the bush.

Then, there are the parts of Lorella where no man has set foot before, to explore, discover and maybe have a new location named after you.

  • Your safety is our first priority. While walking we remind you of the dangers of being in such an area i.e. crocodiles, buffalos, scrub cattle, wild pigs, dingoes, lack of water and disorientation to name a few.
  • Please ensure that you take plenty of water with you as well as food and snacks, a hat and sunscreen. And just as important, please make sure you have completed our Sign Out form before leaving the homestead so that we know who is going where and coming back when.