4WD tracks at Lorella Springs include easy to extreme.


4WD-adventuring4WD driving on Lorella Springs Station, a huge one-million acres, surrounded on two sides with national park: one side with Aboriginal land, and backing out onto the Gulf of Carpentaria. There are so many destinations on this beautiful property to see and things to do.

With the Costello, Tawallah and Yiyinti ranges vastly scattering across Lorella’s 4,000 square kilometres this makes for a huge contrast in country variation – from beautiful escarpment ranges through to the coastal wetlands and salt flats.

4WD driving on Lorella will be putting you to the test, and we suggest you come prepared with at least TWO spare tyres, tools for breakdowns, GPS or compass, water and fuel, and always let someone know which direction you are going and when we can expect to see you back.

A permit will be required (which already includes in your camping fee) which will allow you to travel across our property. This will be given to you to complete when you first arrive at Lorella, and we will also give you maps and friendly advice and directions.

Please be aware of the following rules regarding 4WD driving on Lorella which you will be asked to acknowledge and sign when you check in. See all the rules in our Terms and Risk Assessment.

Please arrive at Lorella with your car engaged in 4WD and keep your car in 4WD at all times while on the property – almost all recoveries we do each year are for people who have not put their car in 4WD or…


… for those who have gone off the tracks. Please stay on the tracks that we have designed across the property. In total there are over 1,000 kilometres of 4WD from the very easy to the more extreme ones.

Maximum speed of 40 KM/ hour on the property.